As a lot of us know, the process of buying and minting NFT’s is notoriously difficult to figure out your first time around, and even more difficult to explain to a friend who’s interested in the space.

After several YouTube videos and blog articles, I was able to figure it out back in the beginning of the year, and even back then I couldn’t wait for someone to develop a platform to make the experience more user-friendly.

Coinbase, the world’s most popular cryptocurrency exchange, is notable for doing just that when enhancing the experience of purchasing crypto. Before Coinbase, buying and selling Bitcoin was a cumbersome experience, that only few enthusiasts had the knowledge to achieve. With the launch of the app back in 2012, millions of people immediately had access to buy and sell cryptocurrency with less friction than ever.

Today, Coinbase is doing the same in the non-fungible token space with Coinbase NFT.

The platform looks similar to Instagram. It’s sleek, inviting, and simple. On their blog, Coinbase has said that they will curate a social feed similar to Instagram, enabling artists to be discovered by new potential people.

I have a feeling this is going to open the floodgate to the already popular NFT market, enabling people who may not have had access before to partake in the growing world of NFTs.

You can join the waitlist for early access to Coinbase NFT here.

Bon Jenn
Author: Bon Jenn

Bon Jenn

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